Sunday, September 26, 2010

Republicans: The Fool’s Gold of Politics

I keep wondering just how low the republican party can fall and still retain its now nominal designation as a political entity. Fool’s Gold springs to mind whenever a Republican operative takes the stage to promise something to his nominal constituency. They have taken on all the characteristics of the old Medicine Men, or snake oil salesmen of old.  All they need is a covered wagon and a bedraggled horse to pull them around.
One would imagine that, having been thrown out of office, really summarily dismissed by the American people after eight years of disastrous maladministration that has left the nation and the world fairly reeling with ”shock und awe” at the sheer immensity of their ill deeds and their effects, the Republican party might have begun thinking again. The 2008 election might have served a normal party as a kind of electroshock therapy, bringing them to their senses.
But no, they have instead spent the past two years avoiding governance—that’s the true effect of their “Just Say No” approach to the problems facing the nation—problems created by them.
And now, they have produced their “Pledge to America”, another form of their earlier “Contract On America” dreamed up by their old style hit man, Newt Gingrich. The Pledge is breathtaking for its utter inanity.  It promises things they cannot possibly deliver, at least within this universe—perhaps in some alternative universe.  The Pledge is all Fool’s Gold, all the time.  From reducing the deficit
to “reforming” health care, they seem to have no clue to just how vacuous their promises appear. Most thinking middle schoolers could take it apart for its foolishness.
And then there are the candidates nominated by Rupert Murdoch’s Tea Party.  An ex-witch who doesn’t  even understand the concept of evolution? Really guys, an ex-witch? That’s all you got?
Maybe this is the last joke of the Baby Boomers ?? When do you suppose, they will pop out from behind the curtain and say, “heh heh, heh, just kidding.”
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