Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restoring Sanity

It was great fun watching a rally featuring rational people, also people with a sense of humor—a scarce commodity in these troubled days. It is perhaps a bit sad that it took a couple of comedians to host such a rally, but I guess that is the state of our nation. How pathetic.

I wonder how the Faux News Network (“we lie so you don’t have to”) will cover the event—a lot of mouth frothing I imagine. Maybe Beck will even cry for us. Rupert must have been pissed to observe ordinary Americans behaving normally, that is, civilly. I always imagine Rupert having been born somewhere in the Outback, with nobody with whom he could speak. So, now he wants to control all public dialogues, whether In Oz, here, or in Britannia. Maybe Rupert imagines himself being crowned King someday by the hordes of stupid people he seems to own.

I keep hoping that someday, someone will tear apart the curtain currently shielding Rupert from public view, and the people will gasp and suddenly understand that they have been had by this pathetic little rich man. We have had many rich people in this country. Many have given back great riches to the country. Rupert and his buddies the Koch brothers stand apart as something we might call Rich White Trash.

May they rest in peace someday soon, sooner rather than later.
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