Friday, October 8, 2010

Yoga is Spooky?

Al Mohler of the Southern Baptist persuasion is warning his constituent believers to avoid yoga, and Pat Robertson thinks that yoga is “spooky” . . . hahahahaha. Here is a putz who goes about telling  people that he speaks with an old white bearded guy somewhere up in the sky and that ethereal guy listens and responds(?).  And he thinks yoga is spooky?
With all this talk about Christian church leaders wanting to somehow ban yoga, I ask myself, why? Why would they find this simple and, by most accounts, useful relaxation technique threatening?  And it isn’t even simply Christian church leaders. Now, Muslim clerics are getting in on the act, too.  They want yoga somehow banned from the universe.  Now, one could simply dismiss these crackpots as paranoid schizophrenics acting out, or they are up to something else.  That they seem delusional is obvious to even the casual observer, since they all profess to some direct connection to a Godlike creature, who at least advises them what to do.  Hearing voices is, I think one of the surer signs of a schizophrenic.
But, suppose, they’re just charlatans, and don’t really think that they hear anything from a higher authority. Suppose they just make believe in order to extract money and authority from ordinary folks who apparently need to believe in something beyond their own miserable existence.  Then what could they be up to in this instance?
Well, it’s at least possible that these doofuses need to periodically scare their target audiences into thinking that “the other” is threatening to their belief system. That “the other” should be stopped, or at least walled off in some way—“the other” in this case being those poor sods who actually like yoga as either just a simple relaxation technique, or as a way to become better in touch with themselves—their inner being as it were.
But why can’t the Pat Robertsons and Al Mohlers of the world just leave people alone? If somebody wishes to practice yoga, what’s the harm?
Well, that’s the thing with weird religions like Christianity and Islam. They’re so terminally weird that they need to protect their boundaries at all times. Anyone doing anything that suggests there are other ways to achieve inner peace is viewed as a hostile, mainly because others within the weirdo cults might suddenly decide that their cult is just too weird and maybe they’ll look to this other practice for their inner peace.  So, Pat & company would then be out of work, and might have to find a real day job. And none of these bozos have any actually useful skills. If they can’t con you out of your money by promising you really weird things, then what else could they do?
So, apparently this yoga thing defines just how insecure the religious weirdos of the world are.  And remember these are the same guys who want government out of their lives . . .
so that they can be the sole judges of officially sanctioned behavior.
Now that’s a really spooky thought.
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