Thursday, January 27, 2011

Americans Divided

So, it would seem that the President’s State of the Union speech went about as one might have expected, given the divided state in which we live. Happily, the loyal opposition was at least civil, with no cries of “liar, liar, pants on fire” from the rabid ranks. The “responses” from Ryan and Bachman were predictable, although Bachman is not exactly predictable. Maybe if one accepts that she babbles on, with some peculiar disconnect between brain and speech, then one can say she was “as expected.” Perhaps what most amazes me about Bachman is that Minnesotans elected her. I mean, were she from Texas, one could sigh and say. “well, yeah but she’s from Texas.”

And on another front, the commission examining the causes of Great Depression II, brought on by our republican friends, was a mixed bag—the banks were irresponsible and greedy (duh). Alan Greenspan was an idiot (duh) and Ben Bernanke performed as he always does—protecting his friends in high places. The loyal opposition is publishing its version of that grand old party. Its conclusion? It was the Government’s fault. Yep, greedy, inept bankers played no role. It was all the fault of those nasty government people, who sucked the bankers into giving out bad loans. Ahhhh, really, guys? "The government made me do it” is the best you got??? It never ceases to amaze me how the republican footmen, baggage carriers, and bellhops for the Nation’s wealthy continue to treat all Americans as idiots. Oh, I forgot. Americans apparently like being treated as idiots. Perhaps in 2012, Americans will act predictably to elect Jared Loughner as President. He’s honestly crazy, probably hears voices, and loves guns.
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