Monday, January 31, 2011

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Everyone is currently sitting around second-guessing our President regarding the messes in Tunisia, and now Egypt—our great and good friends the Egyptians. Mainly, it would seem that Egypt was the only reasonable actor in the Middle East, in signing a peace accord with Israel. Anwar Sadat, that ultimate pragmatist looked for peace as a solution to Egypt’s economic woes, and seemed to have succeeded in 1979 with the Camp David Accords and the final peace treaty in 1979. So, Egypt became a “friend” in Middle Eastern terms, as distinct from say, Syria, Iraq or Iran. Well, to be fair, Iraq was our buddy when they attacked Iran—again the “enemy of our enemy is our friend.” The Donald even got caught shaking hands with Sadaam in those olden days.
So, now, President Obama is befuddled. Mubarak, a terrorist to his own people, has been our best buddy for lo these 30 years. What’s a guy to do, now that his own people despise him and desperately want him ousted? Obama is trying to be cool, advising tolerance and peaceful adherence to rules of law. I’m guessing our Prez wants Mubarak out almost as much as the Egyptian people, but under what conditions? In the Middle East, Islamists are always hovering like vultures waiting for some dead bodies to appear, so they can move in to “restore the people’s trust in Islam”. Mainly, the Ayatollahs of the world always want to come in to take over so they can be the next terrorist in line to rule the people with an iron hand—see Iran 1979.
So, while he doesn’t need another Iran next door to Israel, one, i.e., Lebanon, is quite enough thank you, he probably cannot continue to stand by and watch the bloodshed in Cairo. The far right extremists in this country (The Faux News Network, et al) who are anxious that he fail at anything and everything want him to do something, anything almost, so they can pronounce his actions, or inactions, incorrect.
Mubarak, meanwhile seems clueless, as I guess he has been for pretty much the past 30 years. He has appointed his head of Intelligence as Vice President, thereby next in line. Wow, that should thrill the protesters. Why not go all the way and appoint the head of his Police force? Bet they’d love that. I wonder what he is saying about Mohamed AlBaradei, his very own Nobel Laureate comrade in opposition?  A lot of muttering under his breath I suppose.
This all leaves me wondering . . . is Obama simply the unluckiest guy in the world? I mean, wow!. He runs a magnificent campaign to head our government, after eight years of disastrous rule by Shrub and his gang of neo-con thugs. He doesn’t even manage to get into office before Bush’s economic house of cards collapses, leaving Obama to pick up the pieces, and it’s all just pieces. Then just as the Bush Middle East mess begins to calm down, governments there begin falling—Tunisia, Lebanon, and now Egypt. I suppose the Saudis can’t be far behind, seeing as how they run such a fine democratic government. I’m sure the Saudi people are thrilled with the king’s rule. Oh, I forgot—Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi. Hmmm.
All this makes for a fine argument for us to get the hell out of oil. Anyone for a natural gas-powered car??? See T. Boone Pickens on that front.
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