Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Unraveling

What to say, what to say?
It’s the beginning of a new year, maybe a new era.
Whoa . . . a new era? How come? Just because the hard right has taken over the House of Representatives, and we now have neo-anarchists roaming the halls of Congress??
No, although that’s pretty bad too.
No, I think maybe 2011 may define the beginning of The Asian Era. We had a good run at the American Era thing—we lasted from the 1940s to the end of the 20th century. We out-built everybody, our educational system was transcendent, our middle class, that great engine of democracy, out-produced any other nation on earth. Everyone wanted what we produced. Then, sometime after St. Ronald began leading us to our Morning Again Feel Good period, we began the process of morphing from a great producer to a great consumer, and thence to a nation of . . . well what are we now, now that we lost the financial capacity to out-buy everyone? Maybe the Great Stasis?
I suppose John Boehner and his corporate overlords will change all that. I expect great things of them. Their first order of business, as I understand it, is to kill the health care law—you know, that bill that promised health insurance to the 40 or so million people who couldn’t afford health insurance. John and his buddies in the corporate insurance boardrooms of the world really, really didn’t like that. So, he is going to try to overturn the bill. Now, that will really jump start our moribund economy, huh?
But, really, we’re all just awaiting the official beginning of the Great Stasis—perhaps we can mark it from the election of President Sarah Palin. I mean, we’ve had cheerleaders before—mark George II. And we’ve certainly had dumb presidents before—remember St. Ronald, George I, and his doofus son, George II. But we’ve never really had anyone quite as dumb as Sarah. Too bad, she’s not blonde—at least we’d have some explanation of her mental incapacity, and would be able to make the usual dumb blonde jokes. But, no, she’s a definite brunette (could she be dying her hair just to fool us??).
So, I will just wait and watch to see how all this unravels—hmmm . . . maybe our new era could be The Great Unraveling, and the republican party that has helped to bring it about could morph into The Great Unraveling Party—or GUPs (guppies for short). How’s that Hopey, changey thing working out for you America?? Sarah’s coming . . .
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