Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rep Gifford: We’re Sorry

What can we say to Rep. Gifford, her family and the families of those killed in the latest episode of mindless violence in America? I am confident that Sarah Palin will be “shocked . . . shocked” to learn about this latest outburst of crazy people. Sarah, in case you were unaware, had the following rally promo displayed on her web site:

"SATURDAY 06/12/10, 10:00 AM

Get on Target for Victory in November

Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office

Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly"

Sarah chooses not to connect her words with actions that follow, as night follows day. But Sarah is all about violence. She apparently is so intent on proving her “cajones” in what she perceives to be a man’s world that she goes well beyond the careless in her choice of words. Sarah and her guns—her guns seem to define Sarah. Placing crosshairs on an image of someone on a prominent national web site is simply sick.

But our national problem goes beyond Sarah and the other mindless political opportunists who support and emulate her. We have probably several million people who seem to love this kind of thing. They worship Sarah, and Glenn Beck, and Rush, and their crazed colleagues—why does John Boehner cry so much? That suggests to me a man who is profoundly troubled, which is not a promising sign for a man who is the leader of the right wing in America.

I’m not sure where this takes us, but it is not a great beginning to the New Year.
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