Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teabagger Fiscality

I noted the other day how the media keeps referring to the Koch brothers as the Coke brothers. Hey guys, their name, spelled Koch, is pronounced COCK, not COKE. I realize that they would rather be referred to as a caffeine-ridden bottle of brownish sugar water than as, you know, a flaccid penile implant. But I’m going to continue pronouncing their name correctly—the Cocks.
But I digress. The Cocks are really getting their money’s worth out of their serfs, the Teabaggers (hereafter to be known as the Cockserfers). This Astroturf bunch keeps yelling about the deficits and cutting spending, almost as though they were serious about fiscal matters. I note that, when the Shrub and his gang of thugs were running up record deficits, after giving away vast sums to their rich friends, the Cockserfers were silent. Nope, it was only after we elected a (Black) Democrat that they suddenly became fiscally pious. So, why the sudden interest in fiscal sanity?? Well, one explanation is that the Cockserfers (mostly white) are simply racist. While likely accurate, there is a larger truth here. See the Cock Brothers, and Rupert the Magnificent, are all about two issues—money, and money. Mainly, they don’t want any interference in making money. Taxes are one form of interference. The Shrubbers gave away the farm, and our Prez failed to let the tax cuts expire last December. So, largely, they still don’t pay their fair share of our national tax burden. But the second money issue is regulations. They want no federal interference from the likes of EPA, the FCC, the SEC or any of those other nasty Federal regulatory agencies. Again, the Shrub and his gang largely gutted the regulatory agencies, allowing the Cocks and others of their ilk to do whatever they wanted, without any federal interference. But unlike the tax cuts, they faced potentially serious interference from a Democratic President and regulatory agencies run by Democrats.
So, what are the Cockserfers trying to do??? Why dismantle the regulatory agencies (when they’re not gutting things like Planned Parenthood, or Child Health). Now the regulatory agencies represent chicken feed in terms of the federal budget. But they represent a real threat to global polluters like the Cocks, known mainly for their efforts to destroy the global environment. See, they’re just not a serious crowd when it comes to Federal budget matters. To be fair, they’re a singularly ignorant lot, so what can we expect??
So, we will need to watch carefully to see what other agencies the Cocks hate, by following the trail of Cockserfer protests. Whatever they try to defund will be something their Lords of the Cock Manor want to kill. We are really rushing back to the 19th century.
And on another planet somewhere in Catholicland, we note that the Newtster has become a devout Catholic. Having dumped two wives, (the Newtster apparently never bought into this “Until death us do part” thing) the Newtster is not only married again, but he is a now a pious Catholic. We assume his conversion has nothing to do with the fact that the Republican Party is composed mainly of right wing Christians, of course. It’s just something he always wanted to do. It’s comforting to know that the Catholic Church continues to have no principles worthy of the name.
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