Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moammar and the CIA

Ohhhhh , be afraid Moammar . . . the CIA is on the case, and “on the ground” so to speak . . . Man we are really moving mountains to get rid of this guy. Think of it . . . putting the CIA into the game. Wow! What’s next, I wonder? Maybe sponsoring a Justin Bieber concert in Benghazi to support the rebels?? Hah! That’ll scare the crap out of Moammar.

Really, guys, you’re telling us, and presumably Moammar, that the CIA is now engaged and walking the walk in Libya. So, what’s that all about? I assume this announcement is supposed to terrify Moammar, and maybe get him to reconsider his next moves? And we’re told that it was, after all, the addition of the CIA into Afghanistan that led to the defeat of the Taliban. Huh! I wonder when we defeated the Taliban? So I guess we can bring all of our troops home from Afghanistan??
The CIA seems to me to be the most inept agency in the US government. They really seem to get almost everything wrong. They missed the Decline and Fall of the Russian Empire, including the collapse of the Berlin Wall. They appeared to have no clue that we were actually losing the war in Vietnam. They told us that the Iraq WMD thing was “a slam dunk”. I guess arguably, they were at least aware that Osama Bin laden (remember him??) was trying to wreak havoc in the US of A, but George W. was too busy dismantling the US government and reducing taxes for his wealthy friends to pay attention. But really, they don’t get much right. So, why the announcement?
Could it be a throw-away line to placate our own radical right, who continue to fuss and fume at every Obama pronouncement? I assume they love the CIA, so telling them that the CIA is engaged is perhaps a way of telling the hard right to back off—their guys are on the ground, so shut up and “support our troops.” But for the rest of us, it’s not great news. First of all, the announcement means that they are not actually doing anything important, or we would not be told about it. I mean, they never tell us anything important about the CIA, so I assume this announcement means that maybe they’re already done, or that they aren’t actually on the ground. Ohh, I know . . . they’re “on the ground” sort of like the way the Jon Stewart cast of comedy journalists are always “on the ground” somewhere, when actually they’re just standing in front of a green screen with a film projected behind them. That must be it. Yeah, the Intel guys are still sitting at Langley drinking their giganto latte’s, while pretending to be “on the ground.” Ohm yeah, I feel so much better now . . .
And on yet another exoplanet, Newt Gingrich is telling us that he doesn’t understand why Obama is messing with Libya. Were he President, he wouldn’t be messing with Libya, unless of course he was messing with Libya . . . but you know the Newtster. He’s such a joker. Maybe he’s readying himself for a new wife, and he’s practicing his particular form of “truthiness”.
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