Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mad Hatters

So, crisis avoided for this week. Our royal, loyal opposition, the republican-madhatterteapartiests, decided to move around the shutdown thing, I guess because that 1995 shutdown thing didn’t work so well for them.  But they have more crises up their sleeves than Carter has pills.  I guess that next up on the docket is the debt ceiling. The Madhatters claim they won’t extend the debt ceiling until the Dems cave on . . . something. Maybe it’s the EPA greenhouse emissions thing. Their owners, the Cocks, really hate EPA, cuz EPA keeps them from totally destroying whatever environment they touch.  So, the Cocks want to gut EPA—maybe just phase it out of existence.  And they will stop at nothing in order to get what they want. They’re a bit like Islamic terrorists in that regard, only instead of strapping on dynamite vests, they are willing to push the entire nation over a cliff to get what they want—see they don’t care what happens, and that’s why the Dems keep caving.
And, after this latest sham crisis,  they will still have the actual budget issue awaiting in the wings. See, after they get all of their social and regulatory goals achieved, they may even turn their attention to actually dealing with the debt and the annual deficits.  The Madhatter party has been using the same strategy for decades. It goes something like this:
1.       Once you are in power, create a fiscal crisis by spending waaaay more money than you have—it’s called “republican charge and spend” politics.
2.       Then, when people begin to get alarmed at the imbalance between income and expenses, you attack something you don’t like, like taxes on the wealthy, or EPA regulations, or banking regulations, or family planning, but . . . you get the point.  
3.       And you link your attacks to the budget problem—“oh, we can’t fund that. We have to rein in our debt.”
4.       Then, after the public votes you out of office because of your insane policies, you link the Dems to the budget problem you created.  That strategy has been working for 30-40 years now.  For the last two years, Obama has been trying to deal with the Madhatter-inspired economic collapse, and the budget imbalances caused by the Shrub’s huge giveaway to his rich friends, coupled with his wars (Madhatters love wars).
This cycle really has little to do with actual fiscal policy per se. The Madhatters seem not to care a fig about such things. Mainly, they want to limit the power of the Dems to solidify their voter base. They want the power. That’s all they ever want—power. And what do they want to do with the power? Why, use it to advance the cash positions of their owners—the Cocks and others of that ilk.
It’s all a giant game to them, where they can win only if they can cause the Dems to lose. They don’t know about win-win scenarios, nope, only zero-sum games.  So, they intend to gut the main power sources of the Dems—middle class programs. Thus, they intend killing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid (see Paul Ryan). They intend to continue whittling away at all programs valued by the Middle Class, because they see them as a source of power for the Dems. Hang on, folks, it’s going to be a really bumpy ride over the next several years.
And on yet another republican exoplanet, Mike Huckabee announced that he actually believes that state governments, being closer to the people and all that, are more effective levels of government and should have more power than the feds. Hahahahahaha . . . Yeah, Mike, who’dja get that one from—the Alaska bimbo???
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