Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Schools Without Schools

More great news from the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system. According to Emperor Pete Gorman, we don’t need, are you ready for this . . . Teachers!!! Yeah, is that great news or what? Pete has introduced a brand spanking new program that allows students to complete their high school years without setting foot in an actual school. Well, not quite. The kids will need to occasionally meet with a counselor. According to Pete:
“This Fall, CMS students who wish to take 100% of their classes online will have the opportunity to do so by enrolling through the newly created e-Learning Academy at Hawthorne High school. Qualifying students will be allowed to work from home with weekly face-to-face check-ins at Hawthorne High School. To qualify students must be currently enrolled in a CMS school, have an unweighted GPA of 2.5 or higher, be on track for graduation and have previously passed at least 1 online class. Students will receive their degree from Hawthorne High School, not Myers Park.”

So, we don’t need any teachers. Think of the savings. No teachers, assistants, principals, or princely assistants. Not sure whether the kids will need actual books, since E-learning is often carried out without any. Now, Pete may have outdone even himself in his zeal to can teachers. See, if we don’t need actual teachers in this hi-tech version of learning, it is by no means clear that we need Pete and his high-salaried minions. See, maybe we can just bypass Pete, buy our on-line learning from some E-learning establishment in Bangalore, India, and then have the ETS in New Jersey conduct the E-Learning EOGs.
Is this a great country, or not?
And on yet another exoplanet, Republicans have announced a new plan to shut down government. It having worked so well for them in 1995, John Boehner and his Cockserfers have decided to try, try again. Better get your visas before Friday people.
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