Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Hunting

So, they finally did something right . . . the CIA that is. Osama bin Laden, finally captured and killed.  Too bad they shot him in the head. Might have been more fitting to have dropped him from a helicopter into his unmarked watery grave somewhere out in the vast ocean, while still a thinking being.  But, you can’t have everything, I guess.
The most interesting aspect of this action, well aside from the fact that we finally got him after almost 11 years of not chasing him, is the role played by our good friends, the Pakistani’s, especially the Pakistani ISI.  Last I heard, the old man of 911 fame was living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, or maybe in the wilds of Pakistan, but definitely in a cave.  A multimillionaire living in a cave with his various wives and kids for ten plus years. Wow, what a concept.
Well, no. Turns out he’s been living in a proper multimillionaire’s palace next door to a Pakistani military academy in the capital.  The ISI (their CIA) didn’t have a clue he was there; nor did the military academy. I guess they’re just not curious about their neighbors, huh? Seems like it would have been  just neighborly, after he moved in, to bake him a pie, and maybe bring over a bottle of a nice (non-alcoholic) wine.  But I guess military folks are a little standoffish in Pakistan.  Apparently, it just isn’t done to get too cozy with the neighbors.
But it makes me wonder how long the Bin Laden’s have been in residence, and who knew about it? I mean, did the local schwarma takeout delivery guy ever meet the old guy?  Didn’t Osama and his various wives ever attend a local concert? And of course, what about the tax collector? They know everything, don’t they?  So, did Osama pay his tax bill every year, like a good alien resident?
And then, you have to wonder whether he sends out e-mails, writes a blog, texts his kids, or even, tweets. I mean, the guy sends out videos to the faithful periodically. Does he use U-Tube??? Does the local Al Jazeera gang know where to send his royalty checks on all the great stuff he’s been sending them??  And doesn’t the guy have, like, 57 wives? Don’t they ever get out for a pedicure, for heaven’s sake? I don’t know, but it seems pretty suspicious to me. Nobody really hides out in a multimillion rupee mansion in the capital of Pakistan, next door to a military academy.  You’d think someone knew he was there all these years. And it took a courier to finally do him in???
So, I guess the CIA can now relax again. They got their man, sort of like the Mounties, only ten years too late. So, I wonder who’s next on their list . . . maybe the head of Goldman Sachs???
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