Thursday, May 12, 2011

Threats to the Institution of Marriage

With all the recent discussions and debates about Gays in the US, and their perceived threat to the institution of marriage, I began to consider whether Gays are really the biggest threat to the institution of marriage in our nation. I guess it’s arguably true that providing alternative models of any kind to our youth will make them consider those alternatives more seriously (although all scientific evidence points to homosexuality as a genetic trait as opposed to a lifestyle choice).
However, once we open that door to our thinking about marriage, we need to consider all the alternatives that are available as models to our children. The most recent to cross my mind is the Newt Gingrich model. Here we have a man who fantasizes  that he should be President of the United States. Let’s accept  for the moment that the President, whoever he or she might be, really fits almost any definition of a role model.  So, what kind of a role model is Newt, specifically with regard to that sacred institution we like to call marriage?
Let’s see, Newt was married to one woman. She became quite sick. Newt dissed her, while she was in the hospital, taking off with another woman, who soon became wife number two. After a time, Newt became aroused by yet another woman, engaging in extramarital sex with her. I guess the Newtster has a different attitude about sexual relations with people not your spouse than most of the people now engaged in discussions about Gays and marriage—you know, the Teabaggers and other good Christian Taliban.  So, the Newt switched spouses yet again, taking up with another woman who assumed the temporary guise of wife number three.  Makes one wonder where wife number four will come from.
So, here we have a true role model wannabe who seems to believe that marriage is a sometime thing, perhaps even a casual thing. Whatever will our youngsters think about marriage, when the Newt is on the tube daily, yakking to us, and trying to convince us of one policy or another? I for one, would continue to think, “why would I believe anything this bozo says? He’s not sincere about anything, and can’t keep his dick properly housed.”
So, I’m supposed to believe that Gays make more of a mockery of marriage than Newt Gingrich?
Somehow, I think not.  I wonder what percentage of Gays, once they commit to a “permanent” relationship, flit about as much as the Newt, and others of his ilk? Think hard Mr. and Mrs. America about who you want as role models, and be very careful what you wish for.
And this train of thoughts made me wonder how long it will be before Rupert hires Newt as the resident pseudo-intellectual for the Faux News Network.
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