Friday, June 17, 2011

Crazy America

I confess that it is getting absurdly difficult to write a blog about American politics these days. I mean, how can any rational person write anything in response to "Weinergate" as but one example. In the old days, I had thought Anthony Weiner was a rational person who represented some part of the good folks in New York City.  He seemed OK, or as OK as Congresspeople ever get. I mean we do tend towards the bottom of the barrel when we seek out citizens for Congress.  But Tony baby, you shot past all low-grade expectations for stupid behavior by a member of Congress. You claim you "made mistakes." No, Tony, it's not a mistake when you shoot pictures of your penis and then broadcast them for all the world to see. It is simply stupid. So, from now on, you have joined the legions of Mr. Stupidheads all over America.
And the Republicans . . . hard to imagine how they could be any worse, or any more extreme in their attitudes toward ordinary Americans. You all seem to despise government, yet, like St. Ronald, you seem crazed to head up this noxious beast. That's because you're phonies. You espouse ethical beliefs, but you're phonies. The only thing in which you believe is power--power apparently at any cost to America. You even have a southern Governor of that now unmentionable state in the southwest who believes his state should secede from the Union, that having worked out so well last time. Maybe he's hankering for yet another "Reconstruction."
I guess the most rational course for the near term is to obtain all my news from Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.  Like the Faux News Network, they too just make stuff up, but at least they're funny.
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