Friday, June 24, 2011

Fiscal Sanity

So Eric Cantor and his neo-republican buddies couldn’t deal with reality any longer and decided to head for the hills. That’s the way with these fellows. They love charging stuff; they just can’t deal with paying for anything. They’re the original “charge and spend” pols. Apparently, if you raise the subject of taxes with them, like the wicked witch of the west, they threaten to dissolve into a pool of liquid dung.
I have concluded this gang is un-American, if not downright anti-American, since they care not a whit whether the nation crashes and burns as a result of their actions. Default on our obligations? We don’t care. This strategy is fairly standard for republicans. They first create a crisis. Then they bail out. Then they try to blame the democrats. All in the name of getting themselves re-elected to power, because power is their one and only principle.
Apparently the collective lords of the manor—the Koch’s and other of their ilk, have decreed—“No New Taxes” So, Mr. Cantor and the rest of the black knights of the realm, are implementing the Koch’s royal decree. They are willing to fall on their swords rather than cross the dukes of the land—their owners.  Should the Americans default on its public debt, causing the economy to crash and burn, so be it. Should everyone not currently unemployed suddenly join the ranks of the great unemployed, tough—stuff happens. The Koch’s won’t be unemployed and nothing else matters.
America really needs to turn out this gang of thieves—for that’s what they are. They are stealing America’s future.  Americans need to awaken from its current stupor and begin to understand that republicans have turned into enemies of the Land.
And I have a suggestion for our collective pols. How about if we take the current national debt and divide it into two parts—the debt created under republican presidents and the debt created under Democratic presidents.  All registered democrats assume responsibility for paying down their debt. Republican voters assume responsibility for paying down their debt.  Uncommitted voters get to choose whose part of the debt they wish to assume.
Then they cast their ballots for the future.
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