Monday, July 18, 2011


Texas . . . I have been thinking about Texas a lot lately. I know, I know, why would anyone think about Texas a lot?
Well, the news reports about the weather have set me to thinking about the good Governor’s suggestion that maybe Texas should secede from the Union (that having worked out so well the last time).  And what does the weather have to do with Governor Perry’s wish to be rid of us?
Well . . . the latest blast of fiery weather afflicting the great southwest has been accompanied by discussions about water, or the lack thereof.  See, it has been very, very hot in Texas—well the entire southwest—and it hasn’t been raining much.  The long range weather forecasters are now saying that Texas may be headed for, say the Sahara.  See, we’re still talking about the Southwest drought in the context of their current weather. But, it is pointed out that no one uses the term “drought” when speaking of the Sahara. It’s just a big desert. And apparently, Texas is headed in that direction.  Our great grandkids may someday refer to the great Southwest as the Great Southwest Desert.
So, that sets me to thinking . . . maybe, just maybe, it’s time to cut Texas loose.  I mean, do we really need another Sahara, right here in our midst, especially with all those whiny republicans, armed to the teeth?  Perhaps we should let Governor Perry go, while he can still cut a deal with Mexico. At first I was thinking, “hey, why don’t we just sell Texas to Mexico?” But that wouldn’t be kind. I mean what has Mexico ever done to us??
So, if we just let the good Governor of that great southwest desert state cut his own deal, we might all be able to sleep better at night. We would probably have to negotiate whether Texas democrats would be able to sidle over to our side of the border before the deal is consummated.  Then, we would have to begin fairly quickly building that Great Wall of Texas that the southwesterners have been whining about.  Only, in this case, the Great Wall would seal off our southern border, i.e., it would separate the Great Southwest Desert from the US of A.
And besides getting rid of a lot of sand, it would seem that little else would be lost by cutting them loose. George W (aka Shrub) apparently tried to find oil in Texas and couldn’t find any, so I assume all the oil is gone.  And there really isn’t anything else there . . . well there’s a lot of cowboys and a lot of guns, but I doubt we would miss those. And think of all the whining that would disappear.
Oh, oh, and a really big bonus . . . the Bush’s, well Shrub at least, would be left behind in that Great Southwest Desert, along with his library and the book deposited there. Now, that’s a really big plus, huh??
See, I’m always thinking . . .
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