Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buying the GOP

So Michelle Bachman says now that she was, “just joking” when she commented that God had decided that she needed to send a message to the heathens, and so she ordered both an earthquake and hurricane.  Did seem a bit like “overkill”. I mean she could have done one or the other, but both?? But it’s good to know that God is still ok, or so Michelle now tells us. What a kidder, huh??  I Mean, she talks to her almightiness every day, so one could assume that Michelle would know whether the Godster was making angry noises at us Dems and libs.  Why is it, that I get this uneasy feeling whenever Michelle laughs—she’s so . . . creepy.  But I suppose all batshit crazy folks are like that, huh?? Maybe she was off her meds when she made the joke. I always wonder whether Michelle and Glenn Beck are on the same meds.

But my really big wonderment is how much the Koch’s and their allies-in-crime had to pay when they bought the Republican Party, or possibly what the rent is, if all they did was to rent the party for a decade or so.  And how was the sale advertised. I mean, I never saw it in TV, or the radio (of course, they were unlikely to advertise it on PBS or NPR, huh? I guess the Faux News Network carried the ads. I envision an ad something like that below, with a banner –ALL SALES FINAL! Maybe it was put up for auction on E-Bay.  Who knows, but I’ll bet those wily Koch Brothers brought home the bacon, so to speak.  It does seem clear, doesn’t it??
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