Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sacrificing for the Common Good

Well, I guess the battle royal is now over for the moment. The Democrats gave the Republicans their balls, and the Republicans agreed to keep them indefinitely.  I think that’s called political compromise.

So now comes the hard part—the common folk will be asked to do their part for the common good—that’s defined as the Murdoch’s and the Koch’s don’t have to pay their taxes, and nobody gets to see what they might be doing to pollute our environment—that common good.
But what will our elected leaders ask of the common folk (defined as the 90% who own 10% of the Nation’s wealth, i.e. the serfs)?
Well, the old folks (me) may be asked to give up part or all of our Medicare-driven health care.  Maybe we’ll be asked to pay more, or maybe we’ll all just have to wing it. Our conservative brethren (those who read and believe George Will) think that we Liberals have gotten too uppity and are spending too much of the Government’s money on silly things, like open-heart surgery, cancer prevention and/or treatment, etc. So, we may just have to do more with less.  And clearly, we the people can’t really afford Social Security, so the old folks just coming on-stream may have to rely on their own savings (oh, I forgot, the Boomers mostly don’t have any savings . . . rum go, huh?).
We know now that all those Liberal-inspired regulatory programs such as FDA, EPA, FAA, et al, will just have to be curtailed (read,  Eliminated). They all are jobs killers, as we are told.  So, if your air gets a bit funky, or the salmonella on your food products gets a bit too much for you, you may just have to cut back on food. Mostly, we’re all getting too fat anyway, right? And if you can’t breathe, well just stay indoors. Should our bridges start collapsing and our roadways get a bit bumpy, we may have to use detours more than we might like, but it’s all in a good cause.
Now, the Tea Party folks will also be expected to sacrifice, along with everyone else. Since we really have no money, we will have to begin seriously reducing our military. So that will probably mean that we won’t be able to move around the world shooting at brown people, and we know what that means to the teabaggers. We know how they love guns n’stuff, especially if they’re pointed elsewhere. I mean, Sarah has provided the example for all teabaggers. Sarah has never met an endangered species she didn’t lust to shoot, especially if she can do it from an airplane. So, this business of reducing our military and maybe eliminating our wars will be hard for the teabaggers, but everyone has to sacrifice.
And our President also is expected to sacrifice.  He will be asked to give up on his mindless quest for a second term in office. I mean, Mitch and John (Orangeman) Boehner have devoted themselves to eliminating his chances, and we can’t ask them to give up on that. But, you know, he’s had a good run. The fact that his presidency was totally screwed from the beginning by Shrub’s fiscal mess, and by teabagger racism is just one of those things we all have to accept in this best of all possible countries.
And on another exoplanet, the Faux News Network announced that it was nominating Rupert the Magnificent to be President. He wasn’t native born, but then we all know that Obama wasn’t either, right??
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