Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Ship of Fools

It is getting more difficult to even comment on this increasingly bizarre election season. We have Obama attempting to make a case for the Nation’s betterment, while the royal, loyal opposition continues to make its case that he must be stopped at any cost, really without regard to whatever it is he is saying or proposing.

The republican party apparently has taken leave of its senses, and seems no longer an American political party.  I am uncertain who they represent, but it certainly is not the American people. Perhaps they now belong—are owned by—that collection of global financiers who fancy themselves Lords of the Universe. They succeeded in bringing the universe to its economic knees, but continue themselves to bring in the big bucks. Romney thinks it’s just fine that he paid less (percentage-wise) in taxes than most blue collar workers. He says, correctly that he should not be expected to pay more in taxes than the law requires. But then, of course, he and his fellow rich people lobby ferociously to block any and all attempts to correct the tax code so as to require him to pay what many would describe as his “fair share”.  No, he isn’t about to let that happen. And he wonders why people find him a tad . . . “out of touch with reality.”
And speaking of out of touch with reality, we also have the delusional sociopath, Newt Gingrich. He thinks nobody should care that, although he preaches family values, he thinks he shouldn’t actually have to live them.  And because he is a pathological liar, no one will ever be able to understand when he is lying and when he speaks the truth. Remember that true sociopaths are so good at lying that they are even able to fool lie detector machines.  And the Newt is very skilled. He seems even better at the lying game than Shrub.  He was forced to resign for unethical behavior the last time he held public office and he seems to have continued on his unethical path ever since. He may be the true danger to our American system, perhaps the most dangerous candidate we have ever seen.
Ron Paul wants to return to the gold standard, and Rick Santorum thinks it’s just dandy that women should not have full control of their bodies, even if raped. He thinks it’s unfortunate, but, hey, treat it all as one of life’s grand adventures.
Yeah, what a great panel to oppose everything our president wants to do to right this ship of fools called America.  They yell about his regulations, when in fact we need serious regulatory reform—meaning that we have an entire financial system that is seriously unregulated. The practitioners are now most closely akin to mafia online gamblers, who are willing to risk the entire global financial system if they can make a few more bucks at it. And they don’t mind risking the entire global climate system as long as they can make a few more bucks.  The problem is that it is by no means clear that, even if Obama is re-elected he will be able to reverse the damage already done to the world through these fools. I keep wondering, is this what is being taught in the Stanford and Harvard schools of business these days???
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