Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Silly Season

Ahh, the grand irony of the republican primaries keeps on rolling. Texas Christian Taliban bypassing their man, voting instead for that great model of rectitude Rick Santorum. The man reeks of psudo-morality and follows the word of the Nazi Pope and his cardinals who seem not to mind child-rape by their priestly order. Apparently that great horde of boy-raping priests are all victims of Liberals. Yeah, the Liberals made them do it. Great defense, that! And just imagine. He's apparently against sex, even between consenting married adults--at least that's how I interpret his demand that everyone cease and desist using any contraceptives for any reason. What a great platform demand that would make, huh?
And Mr. Huntsman, the sole reasonable man in the hunt for power, is now endorsing the other Mormon. He once thought Mr. Romney a man of questionable principles. Now, evidently, Mr. Romney has recovered all his principles and is the man of the hour.
And lest we forget that delusional sociopath, the Newt, he imagines himself the eventual winner, regardless of the will of the voters.  He never actually wins anything, but he takes great pride in his ability to sting his other republican opponents with his drivelocity. One reader of a column in Salon, or The Beast comments that the Newt was America’s Churchill and oh how we needed him. Newt may not be Churchill, but he brings to mind an old Churchillian comment about America—“America will always manage to do the right thing, after having exhausted all other possibilities.” That may be an excellent description of the Newt. The main question is, could the world survive the Newt, as he tries all other possibilities?? Talk about Risky Business.
And what can one say about Ron Paul—he’s so . . . consistent . . .ly wrong.
And just think . . . we have another ten months of this stuff . . .
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