Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama, Clinton & JFK

We have begun watching a little series on the Clinton era.  I was unsure how I would feel, but watching him and Hillary, together again, brings back a sort of fondness I had only experienced once before—while watching JFK as a much younger person (me not him).  There was always a sense of promise while watching them both, a promise missing from the current antedeluvial men roaming the countryside in search of  votes from the fringes of the Christian right wing—the Taliban wing. However flawed they were, Clinton and JFK brought a freshness to our political scene and a sense that our political leadership really did intend to bring something positive to the country that it needed. This crop of republican oligarchs and theocrats (well, to be fair, only Santorum is a true theocrat) presents in contrast a disheartening spectre, a true menace to our fair land.
Bill Clinton brought an energy to the table that I found exciting. That he failed to deliver on his full promise was disappointing, but perhaps predictable. His personal flaws, coupled with the negative energy flowing over us from the Gingrich revolution practically guaranteed that he would deliver less than he promised.
To be fair, I had this same sense of a “breath of fresh air” when Obama replaced the imbecile Shrub. But as president, he has underperformed, mainly I think because he has been dealing with a Congress that is spectacularly negative in opposition. He gives in too often, sometimes ahead of the negotiations, much as his recent corporate tax overhaul, a gift to our corporate leaders  in advance of the negotiations on the tax code.
Still, a President Obama so far surpasses anything the royalists at Republican Central and their Christian Taliban serfs are offering the country that I just need to be patient with our president. JFK he isn’t . . . yet.
And on another front, as I was listening to NPR this morning, they were reporting on the recent Arizona pseudo-debate that took place last evening. They were speaking with one of the faithful; who had attended. He seemed borderline crazed. He said that he hated Obama, that he had destroyed the country, and that were he to be re-elected, he thought, despite his age of 80 years, he would move to another country.  My first thought was, bravo . . . please go. But then I thought, but where could he go? Who would take him? Then a brilliant thought came to me (it was 5:15 in the morning remember). Why don’t you find yourself a wormhole somewhere and travel back to 1933 Nazi Germany, you racist pig? They would welcome you there.
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