Monday, April 16, 2012

Darth Vader Returns

Darth Vader is afoot in the country again. He was sighted this morning on TV, looking all of his 125 years, speaking to pseudojournalists about how the Obama adnministration has been an "unmitigated disaster." Listening to him was akin to listening to the Captain of the Titanic speak about the finer points of navigation. For a while, I had high hopes that, having received an actual heart, he might have become kind enough to go back into his spiderhole without speaking publically.  He's such a loathsome creature that he really needs to return to whatever dank hole he occupies in between his Faux News appearances. At least President Stupidhead (aka Shrub) has been good enough to keep his mouth shut.

I noted this morning that the US Chamber of Commerce approved whatever agreement was reached by Obama with the several South American leaders at the recent summit. That's of course a really bad sign for us normal people. The Chamber is so far to the right that anything they like has to be a really bad deal for the middle class--the group that Republicans seem to be attempting to eliminate.

And on other odd news, I note that Mr. Anders Breivik has pleaded not guilty by way of self defense(the Florida Zimmerman plea). Apparently, having killed over 70 people, Mr. Breivik claims he was acting to defend the honor of white Norway. Maybe if he gets acquitted there, he can become the official spokesman here for the NRA. He's their kind of guy.
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