Thursday, April 26, 2012

Men in Black

The Secret Service thing has me baffled. How could the Men in Black gang let themselves go that way? I mean, they are supposed to be one step short of robots—sort of Commander Data with dark glasses. What are they doing cavorting with actual women? Did Data ever try hitting on Uhura, or Deanna Troi?? No! He was regarded as a sex symbol, but remained carefully aloof from women throughout his tenure.  So, what goes on here?
And then, for heaven’s sake, the General Services Administration (aka GSA) holds a “conference” in Las Vegas, that includes hyper-expensive shrimp—that GSA??? I think not. I mean, during my brief tenure as a government employee (I left during the Reagan Administration because I thought I might go brain-dead from having to interact with his appointees) we all regarded GSA as the janitors of government. They were the go-to guys if you wanted to rent a building somewhere in downtown El Paso, or have a building steam-cleaned before some VIP visit. They were boring, but very careful, especially with money. GSA in Vegas is like imagining Newt Gingrich as President Moonbeam—fun to consider, but really—ain’t gonna happen.
So, what to make of this twin disaster for government imagery?
Well, my thought on these disasters is the Koch’s. You know how in Men in Black, they promise to rid the universe of scumbags?? Well, I give you the prima scumbags in America—the Koch’s. I mean, they obviously know they’re scumbags. So, I think that the Koch-heads decided to attempt a regime change in our very own Men in Black gang—the Secret Service. They felt threatened, so they bought themselves a dozen or so guys, dressed them in appropriate MIB attire, and sent them on ahead of the real crew. They made believe they were real Men in Black guys, when instead they were just paid actors—you know, sort of like the talking heads at the Faux News Network who are actually just actors pretending to be delusional psychopaths.
So, that’s my take on these twin scandals.
Just thought you’d like to know.
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