Sunday, May 20, 2012

Political Inanities

It is beginning to be difficult to engage in the thing now masquerading as a political campaign. The inanity of the commentary coming from the neo-Cons exceeds the imagination. I especially loved their commentary on Obama’s wish that gay and lesbian couples should be afforded the same rights vis-à-vis marriage as hetero’s. Especially amusing was that old bigot Frankie Graham, Billy’s little kid, who expressed his thoughts that Obama was “shaking his fist at god.” Hmm . . . and what would you know about god Frankie?? Maybe god is somewhere laughing at you as we speak. I mean, maybe she likes gay and lesbian couples seeking marriage.

And then there’s the old billionaire who wants to mount a billion dollar campaign against Obama, based on the sayings of Rev. Wright. How they are relevant to today is a bit fanciful, but billionaires will be billionaires I guess. When you got it, flaunt it. I note that the old billionaire had nothing to say about the Mittster’s high school bullying behavior. I guess, bullies will be bullies in the Mittster world.
But how are we to treat this stuff as in any way serious? Is this what our nation has come to?
Oh, and I almost forgot old leatherface, John Boehner. He is willing to ride with the Nation as it goes over the cliff into financial ruin rather than entertain the possibility of imposing some taxes on his owners, the Koch’s et al. I guess that’s when I thought, “this is so idiotic, I don’t think I can continue paying attention. I know, I know, it we don’t all pay attention, the fascists win by default, just because they can afford to buy the whole election. But really, how can one continue to read this claptrap pretense of a political campaign?
One problem in not paying attention is that external events keep crowding in, demanding our attention. For example, Greece is roaring along into the abyss, and some think that, as Greece goes, so goes the Euro, and as the Euro goes, so goes the rest of the global economy. Talk about a domino theory. Wow. That’ll be fun, huh?? But if it’s really that serious, I wonder why the Mittster hasn’t yet offered to buy Greece. I mean think of the vacation potential, just with the islands. He could put up a few more houses, or maybe just redecorate the Parthenon—you know, upgrade the plumbing and add some AC and a nice modern kitchen. I’m sure Annie would love it.
And on yet another of our several exoplanets, Roger Clemens is being tried for lying about his drug use (you know, sort of like the Shrub and Bill Clinton did). Only in Roger’s case, they’re going to “make an example of him.” Exactly what the example would show is quite beyond me. If professional athletes wish to screw up their bodies to further their place in athletic history, why would we care?? Apparently, we still haven’t learned about Prohibition—remember the 18thAmendment and the Volstead Act?? Weren’t they fun times? Largely, the Mafia owes its existence and fortune to those heady days when the stupid people decided that no one should drink any longer. So, for the past fifty years or so we have been revisiting those heady times of the 1920’s. We have managed to reinvigorate mafias everywhere, including those fun guys in Mexico, and of course we shouldn’t forget the Afghan Taliban who make most of their money for armaments from selling opium to us. Yeah, let’s keep banning drugs and jailing people like Roger Clemens, while still allowing annoying gasbag addicts like Rush to babble on endlessly on our public airwaves. Oh, yeah, and let’s keep locking people up. That’ll create more jobs for jailers. Maybe that’s what those republican “job-creators” mean when they drone on about how important they are in keeping our economy growing—yeah, let’s keep banning drugs. That’s the ticket to greatness.
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