Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trumpheads We Have Known

Oh my, a real twofer. The Donald first announces his unequivocal support for the Mittster, a sort of Billionaires for Mitt thing, I guess. Then in practically the same breath he raises again (zzzzzzz) the pseudo-issue of our President’s birth.  No wonder The Donald can’t make money gambling in Atlantic City. His brain is dead.  Honestly, The Donald is once again proof that only in America can the truly brain-dead make a billion dollars.  And I’ll bet the Mittster is thrilled. Just when we thought that maybe billionaires had decided that he wasn’t really one of them, up pops at least one billionaire to announce that Mitt’s the Man. I wonder where Zuckerberg is on all this? I mean, he’s losing money so fast that maybe he’ll only be a millionaire some day.  Poor fellow. And he hasn’t yet told us whether he's a Teabagger, a billionaire anarchist, or, heaven forfend, a democrat.

And don’t you love it when The Boehner-republicans speak of "Taxageddon" when speaking of the prospect of Bush’s tax cuts being repealed?? It’s a middle class disaster, sort of like the Titanic, as best I can understand these things. I still remember that fabulous tax cut Shrub gave us—a couple of hundred dollars I think. Can’t remember what we did with it all—went out to dinner I think. But should that be repealed, I don’t know how we shall cope. Of course, since the Republican economic plan seems to be to eliminate the Middle Class altogether, I can’t fathom what Mr. Orangeman is yelling about.  There will be no one left to see the tax cuts repealed if they get into office.  And it won’t actually matter much, since, once they eliminate Social Security and Medicare, the tax cuts/increases won’t be necessary. The budget will heal itself and the Middle Class, now officially the serf class, will have to just cope.  Oh it’s going to be so much fun with the Mittster in charge and both houses in republican hands. I mean, think of it. They’ll be free to eliminate all regulations on their friends, the Koch-suckers et al, and health care costs will drop since nobody will be getting treatment. And think about the war potential. Since republicans love war and shooting folks of other colors, the potential is huge. Maybe we can even go to war against France. They all hate Frenchmen—remember Freedom Fries??? And the French are so snooty and pretentious.
And then we can go back to ignoring climate change, teaching “intelligent design” in schools, all of which will be private, and requiring everyone to attend church. Gays and Lesbians will be safely confined behind electric fences, along with their Liberal friends. Wow! The anticipation.  Can’t wait.
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