Thursday, June 28, 2012


Wow, a truly historic and amazing decision. With Roberts siding with the four thinking justices, they have now accorded constitutionality to Obama's health care law. How good must that be for the 40+ million previously uninsured? Maybe now, Mr. Scalia will take EJ Dionne's advice and retire from the court to resume his political career out of the closet--he may be the first openly "closet-republican" now outed.
But enough of the SCOTUS dregs (aka Big Tony). We must applaud Mr. Roberts and his four colleagues for considering the totality of the issues facing the Nation and come down on the side of rationality, as well as the ultimate good of the American people. Perhaps now we can consider moving the issue along to begin thinking of a true single payer system, in which we move insurance companies out of the decision mix. Now that would be truly monumental.
But, for the moment, we should take our wins as they come.
Thank you Mr. Roberts and your thinking colleagues.
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