Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Indignant Republicans

Listening to the Republicans rant about how Mr. Romney is going to return our nation to fiscal sanity, after the Obama 4-year misfortune seems a bit like watching a Disney fantasy film. Their chosen strategy to gain power is always the same. You create a train wreck; then you will the train wreck to the Democrats; then you blame all the resulting wreckage on the hapless Dems.
Electing Romney, a 0.1%'er from the world of finance that delivered this particular train wreck of an economy to the nation and, in fact, to the world, is going to put us back on track. What are they smoking?
It is especially galling to listen to them prattle on about their fiscal bonafides. Excuse me??? George W. Bush and his republican horde tried to run two wars, one of which was clearly illegal, with no money, after having given the biggest tax return to the wealthiest in the nation's history, with the net result of the largest deficits in our history. Not only did they give us the largest deficits, but they then set about to prevent--actively sabotage--any effort by Obama to correct the disastrous course they charted. Remember Mitch McConnell . . . the guy who declared that his sole objective was defeating Obama, apparently by any means possible?  The best thing you can say about the republicans is that, they do their masters' bidding. When their wealthy overlords speak, they sit up and listen.
So, Chris Christy promises us that, if we only elect Mr. Romney, he will deliver jobs and prosperity to the American people.
People, if you believe that line, have I got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn . . .
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