Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Honor Code of Blood

Ahhh . . . yet another demonstration of religion at its worst, as though we needed another one. And, yet again, Islamists come through to demonstrate their amazing insecurity about their religion, and their capacity to do monumentally stupid things. Only this time, instead of sending some poor dope to blow himself up in a marketplace, their normal method of protest, they chose the old fashioned way—storming the gates and setting things and people on fire.  One of the people in this case was an ambassador who had supported them during their period of great need.  What a great way to show your gratitude.

And all because of some twinkie who produced a film making fun of Islam. And it wasn’t even the American government making fun of Islam, although heaven knows they have cause. No, it’s just some creative schlunk who decided to make fun, despite all of the evidence that Islamists have no sense of humor.  Now a rational people would have  made fun of the movie and turned its creator into an object of humor and derision. But that approach can only be chosen by people who are basically secure in themselves and in their chosen religion.  This group clearly is neither.  It’s kind of like criticizing a bunch of four year olds, which results in a lot of whining and crying. Except in ArabLand it results in blowing things up and killing as many people as possible.
And these are the people we keep thinking we can help in becoming true democratic societies fit for life in this 21st century. Instead, apparently, they are bent on maintaining their 12th centry lifestyle and customs. Stoning anyone???
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