Thursday, November 8, 2012

Republican Huffing and Puffing

The wonder of it all. A billion bucks and bupkus to show for it. Sheldon Adelson, one of the darlings of the 1% set, lavishly supported eight candidates, all of whom lost. George Will, Newt Gingrich and others of that ilk lost their intellectual credibility (not sure whether the Newtster had any to begin with)  and now may have to look for a new day job, involving actual work. Poor old George. He is so distraught.

And that old southern racist, Frankie Graham, is mouthing off that the election of an intelligent black man means essentially the end of civilization as he has known it. He may be right actually. Whereas St. Ronald the Reagan seemed to have made racism ok again in America, it now seems that’s really not ok. The people have spoken, not once, but twice on that issue. Republicans, take notice. It’s not ok to be a racist political party.  Perhaps the teabaggers can now pack up their garbage bags and go home to whatever spiderholes they occupied before hearing the call of the Cocks to come forth and rain hellfire and damnation upon this fair land.
Perhaps the funniest of the election season utterances was when that fat dimwit drug addict, Rush Limbaugh, accused Gov. Chris Christie of being a fat fool for pronouncing President Obama as an ok, competent chief executive.  Hahahahahahaha . . .
But apparently, the severely demented right wing has not yet retreated back into their caves. A group of Nazis from Detroit is poised to march on Charlotte, and one of the seriously rich guys who wasted that billion dollars, thinks that War is on and the 1% need to gear up for the War. And these same people get all huffy when people think they are responsible when an idiot like Jared Loughner takes a Sarah Palin “target ad” seriously and decides to shoot Gabby Gifford and many others.  Republicans love war rhetoric. They love war actually, so long as somebody else’s kid is doing the fighting.
And now Mr. Boner, the putative Speaker of the republican majority in the House has pronounced that it’s Game On. He dares the President to show up with anything like a tax increase to cover the fiscal deficit we now face. He isn’t opposed to new revenues, don’t you know. Just don’t ask his Lords of their Manors to pony up any additional revenues.
Ahh, but it’s good to know that Citizens United (thank you Supremes) failed to totally corrupt the political process here. But, clearly the predatory plutocrats of the country are not yet done with us poor serfs.
Stay tuned to more from “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” that old republican theme song.
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