Thursday, November 15, 2012


However much should have changed since the re-election of President Obama,  the little people of the country remain stubbornly angry and sullenly ignorant of their responsibility for their own losses.  They remain fixated on blaming someone else.

Mr. Romney and Mister Ryan cannot stop lying. Now they are explaining to their billionaire friends that the reason they blew through all their money with so little to show for it was that the President bestowed gifts on the voters.  Unlike the republicans, who receive hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for promises to their rich benefactors—their owners really—it seems the Dems just bribed the electorate.  My God, they can’t even dream up something interesting . . . like maybe the dog ate their homework . . . or the ballots.
It’s time the Randians moved off the stage and went off in search of a spiderhole somewhere near Mr. Cheney’s. They are disgracing the very concept of being an American-- waaah, waaah, whine . . . whine.  And to you especially Mr. Ryan. STOP LYING. You can’t both pretend to being a good Christian and then lie every time you open your mouth. You can’t pretend to be a good Christian and then promise to dismiss the population of Americans who are not among the “Fortunates” of the land.  It just won’t wash you miserable cretin and you really need to get off the stage.
I know. Maybe Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan can form their own secessionist party and lobby their rich friends for permission to leave the country, taking maybe Texas and a few other malcontent states with them.  I’m sure Mr. Murdoch and his cast of delusional sociopathic actors who play their parts so well on the Faux News Network, would love building a country on their own, right next door to Mexico. And don’t let the door slam you in the ass on the way out guys. They could call it Richmanistan and begin with their own version of Christian Taliban Sharia Law instead of a real constitution.
Just let us get on with becoming civilized again, huh guys? We all understand that the now standard two-year election process practically eliminates civilization for that whole long dreary night. But you make that recovery task practically impossible with all your caveman grunting. Oh, and take old man McCain with you, please?? He will never be happy until he has his own country.  Maybe you can crown him Emperor of Richmanistan.
Just a thought.
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