Saturday, December 29, 2012

Season of the Grinch

So, the seasons change once again . . . it is rumored that the Season of the Grinch is upon us.  At homes all over America, this scene is being re-enacted hourly . . .

Yes, the colorful lights are going out all over the towns in middle America, in preparation for the Season of the Grinch, in which the Republican Grinches attempt to steal all the goodies bestowed on the 99% during the season of caring, aka, Christmas.  Indeed, the senior Grinch in Washington DC has been sighted at various subway stops all over town in the Nation’s capital.
And the lemmings have been taking practice dives off various high places throughout the capital. Indeed some lemmings have even been sighted leaping off the Smithsonian Castle, the better to prepare themselves for their leap off the fiscal cliff in several days.

And the Speaker of the House, a Mr. John Boner, an employee of the Cock Brothers, has officially signaled the beginning of this season, with his proclamation that the 47% have mooched long enough and his 1% employers will no longer tolerate their antics. “Indeed”, he declared, “if not stopped, they may begin thinking they are actual Americans, and we cannot tolerate that.”
Mr. Boner further declared that, as soon as the Grinches have done their thing, it will once again be the Season of the Witch, one of his all-time favorite seasons . . . Soon, soon he promises we will again see sightings of some of his favorite witches, most of whom are now practicing in the backrooms of the Speaker’s home base.

 So, prepare yourselves, you 99%ers. It’s time to hunker down, perhaps just after you write your favorite hometown Grinch in Congress to ask for mercy.  "Not the Cliff, Not the Cliff" should be your opening line in your message to your guy in Congress.
And, should you decide that discretion is the better part of valor, and it may be time to leave the country, consider taking your relatives with you as you seek shelter in some country more freedom-loving . . .

And in other news, The Faux News Network has reported that the Russian Duma has acted to declare the National Rifle Association and its wholly owned subsidiary, the Republican Party, as terrorist organizations, to be sanctioned by the United Nations. Mr. Putin has indicated his intent to sign this latest declaration.
Thaaaat's all folks . . .
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