Monday, December 31, 2012

Thinking 2013

Well, it's coming, ready or not . . . 2013 that is. Regardless of what our Congressional malenfants do, or do not do, 2013 will arrive shortly on our shores. Susan Collins of Maine asserted that, should her Congressional colleagues fail to act, we the American people might think they are incapable of governing . . . heaven forfend as the Will might say. What ever gave her the idea that we, the American people, believed that Congress might actually govern some day?? They are the very essence of dysfunction. When one of the leaders of the royal, loyal opposition declares that his single aim while in office is to ensure that President Obama was a one-term president, we can safely conclude they are all about nothing.
So, as we slide over the cliff, let us hoist our glass of champagne and toast the Ausssies, as they celebrate . . .
Happy New Year Oz. We wish you the best . . .

Oh, but lest I forget, we are busily preparing (actually Carol is busily preparing) our evenings repast. As some of you know, we rarely enter the outside world on New Year's Eve, preferring to spend it with our own company, seeing as how we still like each other after 57+ years. So, tonight, as the clocks tick down, we shall begin with our nightly hot tub, sitting in the bubbly hot water and chatting. Then we shall begin our feast of the New Year's Eve. Our standard fare includes:
Caesar Salad
Swedish meatballs
Cold shrimp with cocktail sauce
Baby clams sauteed slowly in garlic butter til they open
Freshly baked (by Carol) sourdough bread, with which one can soak up the garlic butter.
Something sweet.
And of course, we shall pop a bottle of wine, or champagne, still to be determined.
And while all this eating is going on, we shall watch our favorite film of all time, Casablanca, the most romantic movie ever made.
It remains to be seen whether, at our increasingly advanced age we shall remain awake until midnight. Generally we do, but of late we have trouble making it to 10:00. We shall try, of course, but if not, the daybreak will still greet us in the accustomed manner, and the new day will still represent the newest day of the New Year, 2013.
So, there it, we have a plan.
Happy New Year to all who can still read . . .

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