Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beyond Spring Color

Yes, yes, fresh new color certainly identifies the onset of Spring. However, nothing says Spring like the following two images. The first is  a clean pond, sitting by the pond with a glass of wine, and tossing some food to the fish, with the realization that . . . the fish are biting . . . which means that the water is just warm enough for the fish to become lively. When the water is too cold, they hibernate, like bears, except that they don't literally fall asleep for the winter.  They just kind of . . . hang out. So, this image tells us that Spring really is on the way.

And then there's a second but equally important signal that Spring has entered our consciousness.
It is when our increasingly ditzy cats are allowed to sit by an open window and breathe in the warm air, and hear the sounds of Spring, the rustle of leaves as a warm spring wind blows through the trees, and to see a squirrel wander through the garden, or to observe an interloper cat invade their territory. We watch them run from one open window to another as they seek to guard their territory from harm. Ah yes, that is Spring . . .

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