Monday, March 4, 2013

Boehner Says He’s Stupid

John Boehner admitted this morning that he’s really too stupid to understand Sequestration, so he intends to sit on his ass until its effects subside—sort of like sitting out a hurricane in your Baron’s estate house basement, til the fury ends.

Then he intends to take on Medicare. While acknowledging that Medicare is going to consume a larger share of the Nation’s Federal budget, as more and more seniors become eligible, and as more and more private insurance companies figure out how to fleece the system, he also says that he really doesn’t have a clue how Medicare works, or why it’s so expensive.

So, Mr. Boehner is going to do what all good republicans do when faced with a situation they don’t understand—punt.  His form of punting the ball away is the same one always used by republicans—give the system away to the private sector and hope that makes the problem go away.  He wants to “privatize” the system, by giving seniors a voucher, and wishing them luck in converting the voucher into adequate health care. 
It’s the same approach republicans want to use in education—they have no clue how public education works, and what set of actions and conditions lead to high quality learning and which lead to inadequate learning.  So, they punt that issue away by doing, guess what—establishing “charter schools”, which are private schools using public money, but without any accountability to the public for results.
It’s all part of their new Election Slogan, just designed and released in time for the 2014 elections—

“Vote for us

We don’t have a clue”
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