Monday, March 11, 2013

Color of Spring

So, amidst all the political nastiness our political parties can throw at each other, and of course at us--the fools who elected them, we must really take pause every now and again for the things that matter in the universe. Rand Paul and his endless nattering doesn't matter. Paul Ryan and his nasty little piece of business he calls a budget, doesn't matter.
But the onset of Spring matters. So, I wandered around our mostly bare garden this morning, finding little spots of color beginning to emerge. And I splashed them together into one grand look at one couple's Color of Spring. So, what color is your Spring Garden??

And one neighbor and, dare I say reader, followed with his picture depicting how one might pay attention to Spring, and, in this case, the longer lighttime that accompanies Spring. His view is:
I fully appreciate this approach. We require varying ways to celebrate. A sparkling glass of wine is a splendid acknowledgement.
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