Saturday, March 30, 2013

Confederates of America

What are they thinking? Flying the Confederate flag at the Capitol? Whether the old or new doesn’t much matter. How “old” if the gubernator still lives there?  So, we dump an office devoted to providing information to Latino populations, but simultaneously fly the dreaded flag. Nice, Republicans, way to go on that expanding your communications to minority voters thing. So, how’s that working out for you?  I’m thinking that maybe the Germans deciding to fly the Swastika over the Reichstag building would be similar—just history folks . . .

So our gubernator and his republican buddies are chalking up quite a nice record. Getting rid of anybody on regulatory agencies that knows anything and replacing them with cronies, increasing the charter schools, while simultaneously reducing the qualifications to teach there, and promising to rid the state of income taxes while replacing them with sales taxes, so as to shift the tax burden from the rich to the middle and lower classes. All of those initiatives makes for great teabagger hallway conversations.  And I’m assuming that your “playful” attitude vis-à-vis voting districts and voter registration, aimed at reducing the Dems voting, is your version of overcoming the peoples’ aversion to republican officials and policies.
Finally, I’m wondering how many of you attended the funeral of the Republican Party. I know that Reince Priebus and Sarah Palin (how fondly we remember Bimbo-Sarah) dazzled at the official autopsy of that grand old party.  But it occurs to me that maybe they failed to uncover the real cause of death. They seem to think it was a "failure to communicate”, whereas it seems obvious that the party was asphyxiated by its dumb-ass leadership. When faced with choice of conspiracy or ignorance, the simplest explanation—stupidity—is generally best—Occam’s Razor.
And on that other exo-planet, it is rumored that the Supremes, led by Justice Scaliathomas, have reached a decision on that defense of marriage thing. Turns out they have uncovered the real threat to the institution of marriage--heterosexual weddings. So, they are going to dump the bans on gay marriages, but institute a strict ban against heterosexual weddings.  Seems heterosexual weddings are the primary cause of divorces, which, as we know, constitutes the main threat to the sanctity of marriage.  See, everything works out for the best, in this best of all possible worlds.
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