Saturday, April 6, 2013

North Carolina Religion

It’s getting harder and harder to admit to folks that you live in North Carolina, such a national joke have we become.  I’m awaiting the date and time when Mississippians first begin uttering those fateful words—“Thank God for North Carolina.” Yep, the race to the bottom has begun in earnest.  There must be something in the water in Raleigh. Maybe it’s the Kool-Aid they’ve been drinking.  
But really, a state religion? And maybe even, with the joke legislation they tried to foist off on the state, a county, or even a townie religion. And which one would that be??? How about Wiccan? Yeah, that would be cool.  The Cabarrus County Wiccan Church, and we could begin all official meetings with a Wiccan prayer:
“Ladies and genemums, we wish to give thanks to all the wicked witches of both East and West, for bringing us all those good blessings in our lives . . . especially hot is those drone-brooms that we are able to use to clean house in our Charter School system—ya know, the one we use to replace all those go’ment schools.  So, thanks to all you Wiccan goddesses out there. You done good.”
And then, we could fly the Wiccan flag above all official buildings in the county.

Yeah, we really are on to something. Some might call it stupidity, but that’s just all those jealous folks who live in Mississippi and South Carolina.  See, they thought they had a lock on the National Stupidity thing. They didn’t reckon on North Carolina republicans. Way to go republicans!!
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