Saturday, May 4, 2013

Right Wing Tyranny

When I heard on NPR a statement from the NRA gang that this “war” is not just about guns; it’s a culture war, I thought, “hmmm, that sounds correct.”  And then the guy said that it’s a war between THE RIGHT—righteous people standing up against tyranny—and THE LEFT—decadent people of dubious moral character—I thought , “hmmm . . . tyranny . . . that sounds right too . . . except that THE RIGHT represents the TYRANTS. We the People need protection from the Right Wing Gunners of our land. Despite all the killing, Sarah Palin still speaks of “reloading?”  Sarah, you’re one sick puppy.
While I know that the NRA folks mostly need to be on serious anti-psychotic medication, they ain’t gonna get some anytime soon. And it’s true, I guess. People whose mental senses have departed don’t really know it. They imagine (delusional to the core) that they are righteous.
And in retrospect, perhaps the scariest indicator that John McCain was incapable of running the country, was his choice of Sarah Bimbo Palin.  He was known, I think as a reckless, fairly incompetent flyer, while in the Navy. I guess his reckless incompetence showed brightly for all to see with his selection of Sarah. For, whatever you think of Dick Cheney as a scary VEEP, Sarah would have redefined that territory, and redefined it in very dangerous ways.
The question, though, since we continue to have relatively complete rights of free expression, it is not possible to muzzle the more aggressive Gunners in our land. The NRA is probably the most irresponsible lobby in the country, but lobbying isn’t yet illegal. That they can still buy Congresspersons is clear. And it seems clear that we have but one solution to this horrible problem—vote the rascals out of office to the point that there is no one left for the NRA to buy.
And given the way republican lawmakers, especially at the state level, have gerrymandered the voting districts, and continue to move their agenda forward to prevent democrats from voting, we may have difficulty in that regard.
But, folks, if we wish to remain free of the tyranny of the right wing gunners, vote them out we must.
So, pay attention. It’s getting serious out there. Start speaking out and, when there's a vote coming up, show up, and vote!
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