Friday, May 10, 2013

Saturday, May 10, 2013
So Long & Thanks for all the Fish

Ahhhh, yes, Douglas Adams wrote the perfect ending to his Guide. Sometimes I feel like I’m a hitchhiker myself, wandering through this place we like to call Earth.  And my wanderings have carried me and my loved one to many places, and we have observed much, some good, some not-so-good.
Mainly now, I seem to be seeing too much not-so-good.  Between Muslims blowing up themselves and innocents in order to secure their 71 virgins in their make-believe afterlife, or Republicans in this country demonstrating that they don’t really care about anything but themselves and their rich owners, I have this sinking feeling that our wonderful world is slowing sinking into an abyss of chaos, where only the well-armed rich can survive in their moated castles .
As a result, I have apparently become simply too much the “cranky old man”.  My Blog was fun, despite the fact that I never achieved more than a handful of actual readers—I observe with great envy Helen Philpot of Margaret and Helen, that blog of the million plus followers. Way to go Helen.
At any rate, I think that the world does not really need another cranky old man, so I would like to say to my tiny loyal fan club
“So Long and Thanks for all the Fish.”
For a real, and highly entertaining blog, I recommend that you check out Margaret and Helen at: hasn’t written in a while, but I remain hopeful that, despite her 80+ years, she will resume her delightful Blog.
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