Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Farm Tour

A Farm Tour.
We buy most of our food at two Farm markets: The Davidson Farmers Market, and the Piedmont Farmers Market in Concord, NC.  Partly, we buy our food there because, simply, it is fresher and we can look our farmers in the eye, when they tell us how the animals are raised or how the fruits and vegetables are grown. We like that. Partly also, we have now gotten to know the farmers from whom we buy, and that is a special treat for us. The farmers are incredibly hard working, unlike some in other industries . . . oh, say, banking springs to mind.
Once in a while we get to visit one of the farms and that is a very special treat. Recently, we visited Gilcrest farms and were given a tour by Amy Foster. Amy is now a friend, in addition to the person from whom we buy beef, poultry and eggs.  We drove out, so we could replenish our supply of beef for our grandson's dinner--sour meat (check out the recipe on our farm foodie blog). We were given a tour of their new barn, a grand place . . .

Next, Amy invited us into Cluckingham Palace, where the chicks are raised:

And finally, Amy introduced us to one of her proud guys, who sort of manages the place. All in all, we had a grand time.

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