Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GOP Largesse

Wow, it’s really interesting learning that the North Carolina GOP is modeling the state’s educational system after that in the great state of Florida, aka the Florida Free Fire Zone, that region where people shoot one another, just because they can.  Here they are trying desperately to kill off the public schooling system (you know, that system that created the American Middle Class) and replace it with, guess what, private charter schools. And the best part is that in charter schools the teachers don’t even have to be certified. I guess they all get their pedigrees from the University of Phoenix.
Yeah, the republicans  are really moving smartly to dismantle the state. Maybe they should just annex it to South Carolina. And the Gubernator tells us that it’s all for our own good. He said that he wouldn’t change a woman’s access to abortion and family planning, and he has now imposed a new architecture for clinics that carry out abortions, such that most of them will doubtless have to close. But, hey, he’s just protecting the women. And we know he never lies . . . don’t we?
Oh, and that voting rights thingie—you know, where they restrict voting hours, require voter IDs and restrict where students can vote. That has nothing to do with limiting voters who might cast a ballot for the other side. Nope, it’s protecting us from voter fraud. We have virtually no such fraud, but hey, you can’t be too careful.
And then there’s their views about national health insurance and protecting the ability of poor folks to gain access to our health care system. Well, that apparently just sounds too much like communism for their liking, and you can’t have that.
Oh and then we have Congressional Neo-Cons who are busily trying to eliminate SNAP, or the food stamp program. Yeah, can’t have all those poor folks scarfing up all the Stolle Vodka and Beluga Caviar on the public dole can we? So, they’re putting a stop to all that “Liberal Largess” as readers of the Charlotte Observer often put it.  I wonder if they have given any thought to stopping the folks on welfare from buying their 500 class BMW’s from their overly generous welfare checks. Must have them check up on that scandal.
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