Monday, September 23, 2013

Teabaggers Again

So the Pakistani Taliban and Al Shabob of Somalia are once again doing their thing, in search of their 71 virgins.  How many dead? Well over 100. Maybe as many as 200 innocents. We keep referring to them as Islamic Terrorists, as though they had something to do with Islam, or the Muslim religion.  In fact, the Muslim religion explicitly rejects such actions and is offended by their claims to represent Islam. We can only offer our condolences to the grieving families for their losses.

Everyone should be outraged by these atrocities by what we know to be simply armed criminals. Al Qaida, the Taliban, Al Shabob, and others of that ilk are simply organized crime gangs who kill because they can.  There is no religious significance to their actions. They are simply killers without purpose and need to be erased from the earth.

Meanwhile, back here in LaLa Land, our very own homegrown terrorists, the Al Shabob wing of the Republican Party (sometimes know by the less charitable among us as the KKK wing of the GOP) are preparing their own guerilla action. Instead of tossing some Lipton teabags into the Houston harbor, they are busily buttoning their vests in our Nation’s capitol, preparing to blow up the full faith and credit of the United States, as soon as they finish eliminating the ability of the poor to buy food through food stamps of course.
Not clear what they have been promised for their proposed action, by their owners, the Cocks. Turns out AllahLand is overcommitted virgin-wise, so their return seems uncertain—maybe 71 ex-Dallas Cheerleaders???
Wish we could sic NSA on them, but NSA seems preoccupied with hosting the grand opening of their lavish quarters over there in Utahland. I suppose with all the champagne they will be consuming, they wouldn’t be of much use in containing the Teabaggers anyway.
Well, we will all just have to stay tuned to see how the Teabaggers perform. In the meantime, maybe John McCain will entertain us by jousting with Vlad the Magnificent, both riding bareback and shirtless of course. That would be fun . . .
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