Wednesday, October 9, 2013

George Will Retires

George Will Retires
So George Will has finally decided to retire from mainstream journalism.  He has left ABC News and has retired into The Faux News Network. It’s a bit of a shame that he didn’t decide to enter mainstream comedy, such as the Jon Stewart Show, or the World of Stephen Colbert. It would have been fun  seeing old George doing a legitimate comedy shtick, instead of the pseudo-comedy he’s been doing lo these many years, while pretending to be a mainstream independent conservative (sort of like Stephen Colbert, without the humor).
But I guess he’s just tired.  It must be difficult to go on, day after day, pretending to be an independent conservative, when really you’re just a plain old vanilla republican.  He’s always reminded me of that  old stand-up comic  Dennis Miller. Dennis also used to pretend to be a mainstream political comedian, but two years after he had Shrub as a wonderful comedic target, he kept making jokes about Bill Clinton.  Dennis just couldn’t break his republican habits.  And George, struggling as hard as he could, has never really been able to sustain an independent intellectual stream of consciousness, even during the eight years of the Shrub administration. Seems likely that Shrub and his gang of right wing thugs just plain wore out his prefrontal cortex.
So, now George joins with the gang on Faux News, where nobody pretends to be either journalists or independent. I imagine he can now relax a bit, maybe let his hair grow out, so he can look like a retired intellectual, perhaps take up a pipe, wear a tweed jacket, and carry a book around with him.
Yeah, you go Georgie. It’s Martini Time . . .
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