Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Voting Time

It's voting time again. While 2013 is an off-off election year, we still have some folks awaiting our decisions. In Concord, NC, we get to vote for our mayor and city council. I know that there isn't much fuss being made by our free press about this local election, mainly because the idiot teabaggers in Washington are giving the press so much material, but we really do need to get out to the polling places and vote. Election day is November 5th, but one-stop early voting begins at the County Board of Elections on October 17th.  The Elections Board is at 369 Church Street N, Concord, NC--at the Old Creamery.  So who's running? Well, we are lucky enough to have Scott Padgett running for Mayor again, and Scott needs your vote of confidence, even though he is running unopposed. Scott has been a fine mayor, intelligent, thoughtful and honest. Running against some opposition are Ella Mae Small and Alfred Brown. They need your support to keep the City Council as a progressive force in our area (unlike the neanderthal state government). Lamar Barrier is also running unopposed.
You may download a sample ballot by going to the following County site: http://www.cabarruscounty.us/government/departments/elections/Pages/Sample-Ballots.aspx

So get out and vote folks.  When you don't vote, you may well get the government you deserve.

And on that other larger front, the Washington Mess, an article just published in the Manchester Guardian, written by George Monbiot is deserving of a read. The article can be found at:

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