Sunday, June 8, 2014

What Would Obama Do?

What Would Obama Do?

Thinking About that old saw, “what would Jesus do?” Then it struck me; it guides life without actually thinking. So, I finally figured out how republicans decide what to support and what to oppose. They just ask, “what would Obama do?” Then they do the opposite.  It provides them with definitive guidance that will always please their constituency.

Had Obama decided to leave that soldier behind in Afghanistan, they would surely have been attacking him for leaving one of our guys behind. Having decided to trade our guy for five of their guys, they attack him for negotiating with terrorists (unlike their sainted Ronald Reagan who traded arms with terrorists in exchange for hostages and then used the money to buy arms for right wing terrorists in Nicaragua).

So, Obama is in favor of providing health care to folks currently without health care—they are of course opposed.
Obama favors public education; republicans want to kill public education;
Obama favors Social Security; republicans want to kill it by transferring it to the care of the hedge fund traders.
Obama favors using science to combat climate change; republicans favor continuation of polluting industries.
See, it’s not complicated.

Soooooo . . . maybe Obama needs a new strategy.  How about reversing course and announcing that:
  • Pollution is in
  • Education is bad for Americans
  • Old folks don’t need help, let’m live with their kids
  • People without health care? Too bad.
  • And guns? Force every kindergarten kid to come to school armed with RPGs.
  • Oh, and the LGBT community? Move to France.

And then relax in front of a fire, with a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and watch the GOP sputter and fume and then, change their position. Hahahahahahaha . . . wouldn’t that be fun?
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