Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GOP Winner Take All

Well, the American people have spoken (at least that segment of the American people allowed to vote by the GOP-run states). And they voted for the GOP overwhelmingly.  That means the American (republican) people now want:
1. Health care turned over to the private insurance companies--that includes the ACA and, of course Medicare.
2. The American people want/expect taxes on the wealthiest to be lowered.
3. The American people want/expect our society to be deregulated--that means less/no regulation of the extractive industries,  oil and gas, and all potentially polluting industries.
4. The American people prefer/demand a society based on Christian beliefs and values. If you hold different values, tough.
5. The American people prefer/expect our system of public education to be gradually diminished in favor of private educational approaches, including for-profit, on-line approaches.
6. The American people expect Social Security to be converted into a privately managed fund.
7. The American people expect that we shall erect even larger walls around America, with increased military/militia presence around the walls--think the Great Wall of China. In addition, the American people expect immigration from LDC's to be reduced/eliminated.
8. The American people want/expect even greater access to personal weaponry by most Americans.
9. It is rumored, but not certain that the Koch brothers will begin immediately building several castles, now that they own America. One is expected to be built on the banks of the Potomac, so GOP Congresspersons can be summoned easily for instructions. It is thought also that their main castle will be erected somewhere in Texas. That would be appropriate.
10. Well, there's more, but now for a smallish nap . . .
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