Friday, November 21, 2014

Predictable Faux Outrage

So, the Prez acted alone on immigration, since the Congress refused to do anything on the subject. And now they’re all whiny and pretend outraged. They’re going to . . . well do something . . . impeach him . . . or sue him . . . or call him names. Yeah, that’s the ticket. We’ll call him names. Nyah, nyah, nyah nyah nyah.

Course, they were going to sue him anyway, or do something or other, just cuz, ya know, they can. They got lawyers, you know. Yeah, they really do. And with Tony and the Supremes at the top, they can do almost anything they want. Tony’s never known a GOP policy he didn’t love. He’s so . . . Supremey . . .

So, now the game is on. Our Prez may have finally learned something important.
When the opposition party refuses to do anything, and will deny the Prez anything he wants, including appointments to his administration, or the courts, then it actually doesn’t matter what he does.  It’s a freeing thing, this wall of opposition.  Or to put it as Janice might have:

 “. . . freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose . . .”

This condition has existed from the beginning of President Obama’s presidency, when Mitch declared that his main job was assuring the Obama was a one-term president. He and Mr. Boehner declared at the beginning that nothing Obama would attempt would succeed, so long as they were able to impose their will. 

And for six years, they have done a fair job at impeding progress in America, including 54 votes in the House to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They apparently really hate the idea of giving 30-40 million uninsured Americans access to our health care system. Presently, they are bringing a lawsuit against the Prez for actions taken by him regarding the Act, and they are doubtless going to sue/impeach him for his immigration reform measures. But note, they are least likely to debate, construct, and vote on their own bill concerning immigration, or really anything else.  They are simply opposed to anything he wants to do. They apparently define their job as opposing the President, regardless of the effects of their opposition on the nation. One has to assume that they do not care about the fate of our fair nation. Perhaps that is above their pay grade.

So, now what’s the Prez to do? Well, he is free to do anything he wants. They won’t pass any legislation he crafts, but that shouldn’t stop him from crafting some.  With regard to the economy, climate control, education policy, renewable energy development, infrastructure renovation . . . the list goes on . . . he can and should act, even if Congress will not act. Then he can publicize the inaction of Congress and the consequences of that inaction. See, the GOP assumes that they can use any or all of his actions against the democrats in the 2016 Presidential election. They will certainly. But the Prez now has the opportunity to do the same to them.  Craft some sensible, potentially productive legislation, submit it to Congress and then spend as much time and effort as needed to inform the American public about their unwillingness to do anything to improve the nation’s status.

It’s a double-edged sword the GOP has crafted. The President should now use their sword to his and our advantage.

Craft on Prez. You have nothing left to lose . . .
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