Monday, December 29, 2014

2014: The Year That Was

2014: A Summary
Enemies No More: Maybe the biggest shock wave in our political circus that masquerades as our Government was the move to normalize relations with Cuba. What can one say, except, “hmmm . . . what took us so long?”
Die-Ins and Protests of Police Abuses: The killings of unarmed black people by the people who are paid to protect us . . . and them . . . is a shocking tale of unaccountability. When followed by the execution of two innocent officers who were sitting in their patrol car, it raises all kinds of questions about the state of morality in this country. We have not heard the last of this sad story, mainly because we have chosen to take up sides –us against them—choose your side—rather than engage in civil discourse about the issue.
Bombing Syria and Iraq: ISIS: The Middle East continues its path to  . . . to what exactly? The so-called “Arab Spring” has led to organized murder by religious fascists, who have nothing to do with any actual religions.  ISIS represents the worst we could devise in murderous thugs who masquerade as religious power brokers. The Middle East seems to be moving very fast in the direction of the 12th century.
The Senate Goes Republican: What can one say, except . . . how very sad for this nation. The Koch’s have officially bought our government.
Putin Invades Ukraine: And speaking of out of control, Russia and Czar Vlad are running hard, also backwards. They seem to have reached maybe the 18th century and are moving fast in the direction of 17th. Russians must be so proud.
An Epidemic Out of Control: Ebola . . . whatever are we to do?  We apparently have lost control of this pandemic and will be very lucky if it can be contained within Africa. But how many thousands of Africans must die before we declare that “too many Africans have died?”
Executive Action on Immigration: Well, our Republican joke-folks refused to act, so he had to.
The Details of Torture Revealed: Ahhh, the Shrub and his Cheney-master live on in this sordid tale of right wing fascism run amok. No morality here folks. Move on.
More States Legalize Pot: Well Dude, it’s about time . . . sort of like Cuba, but way more fun.
A Minimum Wage Workers Can Live On: Good.

And now, for a real look back at 2014, let’s take a look at some of the finest artistic endeavors of the year. That’s right—Richard’s Art Walk pictures . . . well a small sampling of his best from the year of Art Walks. So, let’s get to it. This is the real stuff that happened during 2014. 
Here's some from February--it was still winter remember:

And then came Spring and the April Art Walk:

And then came June . . . ahh summer has arrived:

September . . . always a nice month for an Art Walk:

Finally, we close pout the year with the November Art Walk. Christmas is coming folks . . .

 Ta ta folks. See you in 2015 . . . if you're good . . .

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