Sunday, December 21, 2014


Sadness Amidst the Celebrations
It really seems to be the case that this country has handed out way too many guns to way too many folks, including, obviously some seriously deranged people. The shooting In New York City of two policemen who were sitting in their patrol car is simply the act of a madman.  And, because of an armed madman, two guys are dead and two families are burdened with unbelievable sadness.  Whatever this guy’s reasons (he shot his girlfriend first) we should acknowledge that the shooting has nothing to do with the recent spate of police-civilian shootings.
We really all need to be clear about this. There are bad guys out there in our Land. We need the police to protect us and to guard against those bad guys. Sometimes, bad things happen when armed police confront people they think are doing bad things. And yes, when such things happen, we need to bring people to account. The police are not immune to being held to account. But that is a job for our legal system, not crazy people armed with guns.
We all mourn the loss of innocent lives, and that is what we have here. Two innocent policemen gunned down for no understandable reason.  So, mourn we will and should.
And on another front, our President once again demonstrated his capacity for rational acts, by moving to rationalize our relationship with the Cuban regime.  It is 50 years overdue. The fact that Republicans are now confused and some part of the right-wing Cuban community in Florida is yelling Foul should not deter us from doing the right thing. It is time, way past time actually, to re-establish relationships with that tight little island.  Someday, Cuba may become a normal, civilized place, full of democracy. But until that time, let us at least try to help that process along. If we can have normal relations with China, surely we can do the same with Cuba.
Who knows, perhaps we could even entertain my favorite idea for resolving the whole Middle East problem by giving Florida to the Israeli’s, and letting the Middle East fester in its own sour juices.  It might be a win-win for all sides. But whatever would all those Middle Eastern pseudo-nations do without Israel to hate??

In the meantime, perhaps we can all relax a bit, quit shooting one another and at least make believe we are all brethren under one nation. So, smile folks. It’s Christmas . . . and Hanukah . . . and Winter . . . and whatever else we can dream up to celebrate. Smile, have a nice glass of your favorite beverage and just relax.

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