Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Giving Thanks

It’s that time of year again. At least once a year, we at least give some thought to the goodness and love in our lives. I know, I know, our nation just elected an amoral idiot, who practically screams hate at us.  He seems to symbolize in one fat little person everything that’s wrong with mankind.

Still, we all need to get a grip. The world has had amoral idiots at the helm of major nations before. Perhaps not us, but we certainly have come close a few times.  No names please.

On Thanksgiving, let us all try to stay positive and focus on the folks we love and the things in our lives for which we must be grateful.

Like a farm-raised turkey, baked to perfection, and perhaps a fried one, both of which will arrive with all the trimmings . . . an amazing stuffing/dressing that is a meal all to itself.  Sweet and white potatoes, cranberries, creamed onions, beans and greens. And then the pies, apple, minced, pumpkin to add something sweet as an aftertaste, but such a splendid taste that it will linger. Yes, the food, the food, amazing and fortunate for us, since we enjoy prosperity unheard of in much of the world. We are so fortunate that we often do not even comprehend how fortunate.  Our lives are full in so many respects that we lose count. 

So, when we raise our glasses at the onset of our bounteous meal and say, To Family, we will look each other in the eyes and count our many blessings. Simply the presence of our family at this meal signifies their place of love in our lives.  And for those family members not present, because they have their own extended families to celebrate, well we pass our blessings to you also, because you help to complete our fortunate lives.

As we age, and aging we are, we are increasingly aware of time and its fleeting nature. So many family members have passed from our changing life streams that we lose track. But they remain part of us, because they contributed heavily to who we are.  So our glasses are raised to them also. They were once among us and now they are gone, as someday we also will be gone.  The love that was given us by our ancestors is also passed ahead to our descendants. But we need to understand that the transmission of love is dependent on the clarity of the communications channels. I would imagine that a Donald trump would have so much static in his communication channels that love would be denied access.  So, keep your channels open to love and practice your best yoga mindfulness when negative thoughts begin to fill up those channels. Mostly, for the moment, kick Donald trump and his dark side supplicants downstream. They are wallowing in their own acid, and you need to be free of their evil influence.

So, open your eyes to sunrises and sunsets, look carefully at the bees, the buttery critters, the flowers still present. Look ahead to that white stuff that sometimes graces our landscape. It is beautiful too.  Think kindness. It is the only thing worthy in our too too brief time on this amazing planet, and this amazing thing called life.

Happy Thanksgiving all.
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